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    PSP TV OUT Device

    I knew it would only be a matter of time before somebody came up with a video out kit.

    I'm GUESSING that it will work like the GBA video out kit... which means, (while they say "no soldering" is needed) you'll still have to open it up and slip the video out flat cable into the video flat cable feed that goes to the lcd screen.

    Sadly though... since the GBA didn't really have moving parts, it wasn't much of a big deal opening it up.... I'm MUCH more scared of doing that to my PSP... not to mention, it looks like the entire outer shell of the PSP will have to be replaced with this kit.... and, I'm not too sure how you'll access the UMD cover.

    A great and welcome idea... but, again, it looks like it might be more trouble than it's worth (at least till the PSP's go down in price).


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    I wonder what this thing will cost, might be cheaper to just by a ps2

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    i hope it is. also playing it on tv could be alot more funner than playing handheld. but i hope its a reasonable price.

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    But then you have to buy the games as well...
    I ditched my PS2 as I hardly ever played it but the PSP I have used pretty much everyday for the past 3 weeks. I'm not sure it'd make a lot of difference whether or not I could play games on the TV but movies on the other hand would be great.

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    How would you be able to get video/audio from the psp? Maybe with the flatcable solution, but that's very risky. And how would you be able to use your ps2 joypad, through usb?? not very likely.

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    No S-Video? That sucks. However, what's up with the "PS PAD" on the back. That looks like a promising option.

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    i don't see the point myself. the beauty of a psp is its mobility. why would i want to put it on my tele. answers on a postcard please.....

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    i think it's a great idea, but i don't think it'll be cheap. you can play games on your tv and watch umd movies on the big screen. games may not look very good because of their low resolution, but for movies it's great because they are stored in full dvd resolution on umd so they should look just as good as dvd :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by littleman
    why would i want to put it on my tele.
    One reason would be to record/capture a game-play video, or any other PSP usage video.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rook
    One reason would be to record/capture a game-play video, or any other PSP usage video.
    Correct! A lot of game review Web sites have contacted us because they are seeking methods such as this to acquire their own in-game screenshots (without using a digital camera) so this would be one alternative indeed.


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