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    ive seen it and its not too much, but i want to ask that is this the same as the "TV Adapter Kit (PSPonTV)" that is from a third party right? and with that when we connect it to the tv are we able to use the ps2 controller?
    and speaking of the "psp tv adapter" that just came out, are we able to connect the ps2 controller with it when we have connected to the tv?

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    The one I reviewed by Blaze doesn't have a way to connect a PS2 controller to it... I believe that is another version. It also is not the PSPonTV one, but I think I'm also getting one of those to review soon (not 100% sure though).

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    I just finished my install of a PSP2TV, and I've got an issue with the analog stick pulling to the lower right. I've read that other people have had the same issue, including IGN, but no one has given a solution.

    Has anybody here installed a PSP2TV? Has anyone resolved this issue?

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    Problem solved...

    D-Pad issues = Used tape to create a mask over the circuit so pressing the pad does not accidentally bridge the other directions.

    Analog issues = This is a very careful blend of tightening/loosening the case screws as well as pressing (more like clamping with your fingers) the area to the upper right of the analog stick. It's very important to have an application running so you can calibrate and/or tune your control. Droplets tends to work very well.

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