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    Apr 2005

    PSP System Software v6.38 Incoming, Media Go App Updates

    Today Sony's VP of Network Operations Americas Eric Lempel has announced that PSP System Software v6.38 is incoming alongside updates to the PSPgo Media Go application.

    Downloads: PSP Firmware v6.38 (US) / PSP Firmware v6.38 (EU) / PSPgo Firmware v6.38 (US) (PSP-N100x only)

    To quote: Hi everyone, a new PSP system software update, v6.38, will be released soon. System software stability during use of some features will be improved.

    Also, there's an update to Media Go slated for this week that adds supports for new Xperia mobile phones (PLAY, arc, neo) and WALKMAN devices, along with some installation, performance, and stability improvements.

    As always, we will update this article with the PSP Firmware 6.38 download links when they become available.

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    NTA Guest
    what kind of system software stability are they talking about?

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    Apr 2005
    My guess is it probably blocks a recent PSP hole/exploit found..

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    classi023 Guest
    Good to see the PSP still being updated..

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