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    IanJ Guest

    PSP Slim modded for Dual Analog sticks

    Over at Acidmods L0rdNic0 has successfully modded his PSP with a second analog stick.

    Check out the link for a video, or watch it below.

    Not sure how you can get games to take advantage of it. Apparently instructions will be posted up soon...


    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Frogman7 Guest
    Interesting to say the least, looks like a really clean mod.

  3. #3
    JJCOOLX Guest
    Awsome mod, seems like it would be a waste unless you had the grip handles to go along with it.

    awsome mod, but it seems like it would be kinda awkward trying to use the stick without first having a pair of grip handles added

  4. #4
    mosimo Guest
    I hardly ever use the analogue stick on my psp as it is so I deffo don't need two.

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    LithiumXx72 Guest
    Looks awesome, they should make the next psp or a new model have two analog sticks.

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