Another day, another review! Today it's the cool new PSP Skins we posted about in our Past News. For those who missed it, PSP Skins are a high quality graphic vinyl decal that spices up your PSP Handheld Console, and they are made from a highly durable vinyl material. They are available from many Web sites including for only $9 each! Now on to the review...

I installed the Blue Giant design (pictured on my PSP below), and our IRC @perator Limbfilter installed the Burlwood PSP skin on his PSP unit. After collaboration, here is what we have to say about them:
  • they ARE easy to apply, including centering/spacing around the PSP buttons
  • they truly do NOT leave ANY residue on the PSP whatsoever
  • they ARE easy to adjust... I moved mine around until it met my liking
  • they can be modified, Limbfilter customized his using just household scissors
  • they are durable... since applying mine, I have played several hours already and the PSP Skin remains completely in-tact despite my sweating bullets while losing at PSP Golf!

In conclusion, we both agree they live up to ALL of their claims as well as our end-user product expectation 100%... so be sure to grab yours today from!

Click To Enlarge Image Below: