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    Registered User desmond's Avatar
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    I try ediing save game of derby time, and it is successful. I can try to edit for you if you can place the save file somewhere like rapidshare.de or yousendit.com and post the link here.

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    Say you downloaded a save game, now in the save game when you play it in a certain game you'll see a diff user name. can you change that profile name? using hex? or are there other ways? :??

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    Hacking saves

    The problem with changing the save games with a hex editor is that the saves are encrypted by the PSP before writing to the memory card. There is a program that use the PSP to decrypt the save file and save that to the memory card, then you can edit that file and then use the PSP to re-encrypt the edited file back into a valid save. Unfortunatly it only seems to work for saves from 1.50 version games.

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    u can edit saves using shine's savedata tool for 1.5 saves, but 2.0+ are harder because each game has a unique encyprtion key.

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    Actually there are several gamesave editors for 2.0+ games. I've personally used a Legend of Heroes II one and a Blade Dancer one. They both worked OK and they work in a similar way: You decrypt the save files while on 1.5 mode, edit them and re-encrypt them...

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    This is all a bit complicated, why not just play the game and unlock everything that way. Thats what a game is for!!

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    Joko: location to download the gamesave editors for 2.0+ games?

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    its here at ps3news.. check main page.

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    Do you use the same procedure for the PS3? The saves that I downloaded are in FOS, and FXS format. i got a file reader but i just see numbers and letters (code?) . I'm playin Fallout NV... Help !


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