Hellcat has released an update to Recovery Flasher, a custom firmware compatible utility that allow users to perform various maintenance tasks on their PSP, from restoring flash-based content (PS Store license data, theme files) to fully re-installing 3.71 or 4.01 M33 firmware without the need of Pandora.

The most notable addition is the ability to backup flash content, regardless of the firmware installed, and use it for restoration purposes on the same PSP, or another PSP as long as it is the same model (i.e. a flash backup from a PSP Slim cannot be used on a Phat unit).

Download: PSP Recovery Flasher v1.30


* changed the path where the Pandora RFLASH.ELF looks for the original EBOOT. It now looks for the EBOOT as RFLASH.DAT (simply rename it) and when not found it looks for /PSP/GAME/RECOVERY/EBOOT.PBP

* added detection of TimeMachine and disabled backup/restore functions on there, since they donít work propperly on TM. Complete firmware restore (see below) DOES work fine and is still enabled on TM.

* added "slots" for the backup functions. With those you can have multiple independant sets of backups on your stick and use them directely without needing to rename folders. If you DO rename the seperate backup slot folders, their new names will correctly show up in the Flasher - so you can give them descriptive names that tell you whats in there.

* extended the functionality of the backup/restore options. You can now restore a complete firmware (flash0) regardless of whatís currently installed.

The flash0 filesí signcheck is removed during backup and recreated on restore, so you can even move and flash the backed up firmware on another PSP (as long as it is the same model, i.e. no Fat FW on a Slim and vice versa, model is checked to match before flashing to avoid bricks)!

This might also come in handy for people wanting to flash firmware not nativly supported by Recovery Flasher, like 3.60-M33, which never can be supported since thereís no updater for it to extract it from, but with the right backup you can install it anyway.

Also note that for restoring a complete FW you also need the target FWs official updater to be on the memstick (RECOVERY folder or memstick root) as some updater modules are required for initializing the flash! (for 3.60 use the 3.52 updater.) More PlayStation 3 News...