A new feature brings Internet Radio to your PSP .. too bad the interface designers forgot to show up

I was personally excited about this one because it would mean that my PSP would finally have that trump card for my audio time vs. my iPhone on the road. And by road I mean a place with a steady interwebs connection of course.

But it seems like nothing with the PSP can be as simple as the line item in the firmware describing it and what should have been a bad ass feature is more hassle than what its worth.

First off you have to download the firmware, not a problem done it over 20 times now since I bought my first PSP. Easy. Done.

Next find the Internet Radio XMB icon.

Navigate to the About Internet Radio Icon and select it.

Click on Adding an Internet Radio Player.

Choose from one of the 2 radio players which seem to be these flash based things with a fuckload of buttons .. I am already shaking my fist in the air.

Agree a couple of times.

Download the Internet Radio Player to your Memory Stick.

Back out to the XMB and choose the IRP you just downloaded.

Select yes to run the imbedded plugin which we all know is FLASH DAMNIT. WHY CANT WE JUST HAVE A MASTER AGREEMENT LIKE EVERY OTHER BROWSER TO RUN FLASH!?!

Listen to some noise while your IRP connects to a station.

It defaults to like 70s, 80s music so chances are you will want to change that which you can do so in a couple of different ways:

1. Click on the Other Stations arrows and be randomly thrown something

2. Scroll down to a massive list of radio buttons for each of the Genres or Time periods

All the while your doing this your listening to REALLY ANNOYING static .. like they really want you to think this is a radio. WHY? Why would you create this kind of discomfort and punish a user while they wait for a good connection? Its just evil.

This whole process is a massive mess and takes what could have been an instant hit feature for the PSP, teabags it then takes a leak on its face in front of its girlfriend.

Coming from a music background and seeing how far Internet Radio has come over the years I can say with authority that what users most appreciate in a IRP are two things. Choice & Simplicity to make that choice. The current iterations of the players for the PSP do not offer this. They do not let you add your own streams and make it impossible to navigate through the choices that are already there.

I tried a couple of different ways to connect to a favorite IR station of mine called BassDrive.com which at this point in time doesn't matter if you are on a PC or a Mac you click on a stream link and something opens up to play it. Easy, but on the PSP it doesn't work that way .. you are restricted to the downloaded player.

Ah, for shame. Thank god its just a Web interface though which means we as consumers can 1up this lousy first implementation.

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