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    Mickey's Wild Adventure 509mb --> 433

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    I wonder what type of compression sony is using to get there eboots smaller?

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    Final Fantasy Origins (1 & 2 remade) 563mb --> 128mb L9

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    Parasite Eve COMBO disk?

    What is Parasite Eve COMBO disk? Is the both discs of the game combined into one image to make the entire game playable? If that is the case then how would I go about creating it. I have the original discs, what should it be ripped with (I use UltraISO for all my psx games on psp). What program combines it?

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    I use magiciso to rip my psx dvd to iso file. It works well.

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    Dec 2005

    multi disc game in popstation

    can someone post instructions on how to play a multi game disc game in popstation. I go to the point where it says to insert disc 2 and don't know what to do. There is no save before you get to disc 2.

    Thank you in advance,
    Paul S.

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    Try searching the PSP PopStation Compatibility List!
    thread, i'm pretty sure this has been discussed before (probably even by specific game).

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    BEMANI Series

    Have anyone post any of the BEMANI series yet? If not I can start

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    If you rip out the interview movie file in castlevania chronicles=about 100mb smaller.

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