Project 4 is a complete XMB replacement for the PSP running entirely from the flash. No memstick or plugins required!

Check out the video here: Project 4.

Quick notes from Auraomega:

I planned to record the installer installing from scratch, but unfortunatly the installer is making an error that I can't track down, most likely with the firmware patching.

This is aimed at all current Custom Firmware out there, but is highly unlikely to work with 1.00 and 1.50 firmware. M33 has a few issues, the main one being that NoUMD does not function correctly, and a UMD must be inserted. OE firmware are fully functioning, and an installer for these versions should be made seperately if anyone requests it.

This is tested on 3.40OE-A and LE-A, and also on 3.52M33-4, any other versions SHOULD work, but without testing I can't be sure. This is a Proof of Concept release, and many things such as a full image viewer, music and movie players have been omitted from this build, but rest assured they will appear in the full builds (and possibly the next Open Beta).

The possible release date is 24th December - Christmas Eve - assuming that I can fix the installer bug before then, lets call it my Christmas gift to everyone within the PSP Homebrew scene.

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