According to this GameSpot article, Playboy appears to have given PSP owners a lot more to look at between gaming than IRC or MSN chats based on their own PSP page! To quote:
When the PSP first hit the market, $ony was quick to talk up how it could be used to view photos and videos downloaded from the Internet. Given that a sizable chunk of said images and video are adult in nature, it was only a matter of time before a purveyor of 18-and-up-only entertainment decided to take advantage of the handheld. Now, just under a month after the PSP's release, Playboy Enterprises has released a suite of erotic video and photos custom-tailored for the device. This morning, the venerable nudie-mag media empire announced the creation of "PlayboyStation Portable," a section of the Playboy Web site that will let visitors download two free non-nude galleries and one free video. All three were formatted specifically for viewing on the PSP and feature Cyber Girl of the Year 2005 Amy Sue Cooper pretending to be a video game heroine. Additional PSP-formatted photo galleries and video of Cooper completely nude are available to members of Playboy's paid subscription service, Cyber Club.