$ony Computer Entertainment Europe ($CEE) tonight launches its eagerly anticipated PSP handheld entertainment system across the European market and throughout Australia and New Zealand. A Press Release boasts there will be 60 games and 100 movies available for the PSP by Christmas. European resellers have also already reported that there is a notice (pictured to your left) on Euro PSP units which states: "Important! Before using your PSP (PlayStation Potable) system for the first time, insert the Demo Disc included in this pack and switch on your PSP for the latest system software update. It is only necessary to insert this disc once."

Needless to say, DO NOT do this, because if you do then your stock v1.52 Euro PSP will be upgraded to a v2.00 firmware unit and you may be that much further away from running homebrew applications on it, including ALL of the current PSP Emulators and PSP Image Loaders. RUMOR has it a FiX for v1.51/v1.52 users may be available in the next few days so that they can run everything that v1.00/v1.50 users can... only time will tell for sure, but it's definitely worth holding out on upgrading for awhile anyway. More to come on this as it's available!