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    PSP Nokia Battery Mod, Lighter And 150% Lifetime of the Original

    A quick story resulting in a quick hack job... LordLeXaT's PSP battery broke, and with no money to buy a new one, he turned to his MacGyver box set to determine the best possible route... a modification that allows him to use a Nokia battery as follows:

    What you see below is a standard Nokia battery (BL-5C) pack used with the original PSP battery control board. So now that all is said and done, LordLeXaT has a longer lasting battery than most of you, or so he says.

    "The battery is lighter and has nearly 150% lifetime of the original 1800mAh PSP battery, and by the way, the text of the Nokia battery reads 1020mAh."

    We don't have a tutorial for you, but for the most part, it seems straightforward. And please, exercise caution should you attempt this battery mod yourself.

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    Next up: Pandorized Nokia Batteries *jokin*

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    im pretty sure buying a few 5 dollar psp batteries from deal extreme would suffice.

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    PSP battery

    hi guys,

    the nokia batt is it from any certain model nokia or can it be any nokia battery?

    i am playing with the idea of getting either a PS3 or a PSP and my wifey works for a batt supplier and says that loads of people phone asking for psp batts and they not able to find it easily localy (S.Africa). and thus the only real option is importing wich is not realistic due to exchange rates.

    that been putting me off from getting a PSP due to batt problems

    so if you can give more information it would be much appreciated.

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    This is great.. i lost my battery now i can use my old cell phone's

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    Useless for me. I think he only got too much time and searched something to do.

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