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    Jul 2005

    PSP NNP DAX Loader UMD Emulator v0.8C

    PSP NNP DAX Loader UMD Emulator v0.8C has anyone got this to work? it just crashes on me, i like to use the dax files.. would be nice not to have to load 3 different things to get the games to load.

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    Well that depends, did you even get DAX working? Cause the only thing I've managed to do is load Crash Tag Team for a sec and then crash.

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    Haven't gotten Midnight Club 3 DUB or Need For Speed 5 1 0 to work. Tried numerous times with both versions.

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    Mar 2006
    just try... it works fine for me just check the file stuture

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    Jul 2005
    i got a ton of games working for it, i just cant use this for some reason.

    here is a short list of working games:

    ape escape
    armored core
    crash team racing
    dragon ball z
    dead to rights
    fired up
    guilty gear
    harry potter
    hot shots golf
    legend of heros
    kingdom of paradise
    mega man hunter
    spiderman 2
    samurai warriors
    sponge bob
    puyo fever
    pacman world 3
    need for speed most wanted and rivels
    nhl 06
    nba live 06
    mlb 06
    tony hawk
    untold legends
    twisted metal
    starwars battlefront
    tokyo highway battle
    power smash tennis next genaration jap
    wrc rally
    namco the first one

    all games tested were usa versions but f1, wrc, puyo fever,
    and power smash tennis next genaration jap

    non working games:

    midnight club
    toca race driver 2
    pursuit force
    coded arms
    gta is too buggy will play but not good enough
    mx vs atv
    midway arcade
    fifa 2006
    tiger woods 2006
    madden 2006
    nba st
    nfl st

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    No guff? Thx slayerpsp, no one talks about this awesome app here at all. I don't understand why, it shrinks your file by so much! Finally a list from someone who actually tried the app..

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    Hi im just wondering if anyone can help me getting pro evolution working on a 1.50 I have compressed it using DAXZISO and am just wondering how to get it working. Thanks

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    Apr 2005
    Thanks for the list slayerpsp, I havn't been following the psp scene in a while but I noticed this app and it seems like a genius idea, with the smaller file size. Would it be possible for you to post your memory stick file tree or somthing to that effect because the readme included doesn't really say much, other than it's an updated version.

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    very cool program, just shrunk gta down to 284mb (with stuff ripped out), used compression option 0, and 333mhz in umdemulator.

    i know what you mean about its a bit buggy (imagine its loading in the background, but hitches the framerate a bit), still not disastrous, and will be cool when i can wifi. me on my umd, him on his 512mb.

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    Jul 2005
    this app kicks ass i have 26 games on 3 2gb msd cant wait for the next update i hope the big games like colin and midnightclub 3 will work someday they went from 1.5gb to 800mb thats almost half but they didnt load awsome work by Dark_AleX

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