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    The games DO compress but not all work. I tried DBZ Shin Budokai (USA) refused to work. I used the flash0 and flash1 from lightforce fix previously with mph game loader and umd emulator before and it works perfect, but DAX after you load system menu and click on Shin Budokai it starts to load but the circle in the bottom right corner freezes on a blank wallpaper (no icons yet) happens everytime. Only worked well with exit (JAP with english patch). I'd steer clear from this program until all the bug fixes are done.

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    Ok at what stage do you insert the UMD with this? Normal DAX works fine, but I'm not having alot of luck with this version. The dir structure etc is all fine so I'm not sure why it crashes after selecting the ISO.

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    thegame4ever, remember you have to have the UMD drive empty until DAX asks you to put one in.

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    lol, of course I know that. How did Exit work with me?

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    Dax Iso Loader itself does work for me. However, I really don't like having to put the UMD in and out all the time so I tried NNP Dax Loader. This one always crashes on me, just like Dax Iso Loader does when I go to the system menu with the UMD inserted. What am I doing wrong? I thought the NNP Dax Loader UMD Emulator was modified already so that the UMD emulator doesn't have to be patched anymore.

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    i used dax for awhile and got every iso to work for me, now its getting buggy on me. I use 9 settings. I noticed that when im done converting to dax it turns into a Name.Iso.Dax instead of Name.Iso which i used to get with my first few converted ones. Anyone know what im doing wrong now?

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