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    tizon Guest

    Question PSP Newbie Questions

    Hi I'm a newbie... just got a new psp.. can anyone make a tutorial or direct me to any tutorial on how can i use downloadable games in psp..? any help is greatly appreciated.. Godbless

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    Apr 2005


    We have a Tutorials STICKY thread above and also a lot of long threads on this (search), but most people these days use the M33 Custom Firmware to run their PSP iSOs. If you search here or our Past News you should be able to find the M33 CFW (Custom Firmware) releases and then just read their ReadMe files for how to install them and boot your PSP backups.

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    tizon Guest

    I have found this.. but how can i use this.. it says that you need a fat PSP but i dont have one.. i only have a slim psp..

    Version 3.60

    Helps please

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    xxicex9xx Guest
    Iím having the same issue but i have a fat PSP. Every time i try to update the firmware i get "this game could not be opened" (thatís not the exact message but close to it) Iím currently on Sonyís 3.71. It was an original 1.5 out of the box. I purchased it form a friend who just got a slim. Any info on how to install custom firmware on my PSP would be appreciated. Am i missing something or doing something??? Iím totally new at this.

    Thanks in advance

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    Xcali1985 Guest
    Hey sorry for my ignorance with this subject, i've attempted to use the search and maybe my terms arent correct in the search. However, I have a virgin, PSP Fat & a virgin PSP Slim I want to be able to play backup games on both. I understand that I need to roll the FatPSP back to 1.50 however and not clear on the process. I also understand that I need to created Pandora Battery & MemStick. Again I can't find the tutorials on these. Any help in the right direction would be greatly apperciated. Once again I did use the search before posting here.

    Edit: Ok I thought I would give you guys/gals a little more info on my PSP.

    Fat PSP
    Was 3.40 updated to 3.50 refuses to take a 1.50 downgrade.
    Has a 32MB Memory Stick

    1GB Memory Card

    I have tons of programs including the Pandora GUI, & Ultimate Memory Card programs just putting it all together is not so easy at least for me. If someone can help would be much apperciated. Hell ill even pay and if you could do it over the phone or call you which ever is better. This is very important to me.

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