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    PSP MP4 Video Directory Structure

    I came across something that I found very useful while fiddling around with my MP4 movies on my PSP.

    As you all well know, when you have converted your video files to MP4 you place them in ROOT:\MP_ROOT\100MNV01, (ROOT, being the drive that the PSP apears on your computer) but this is not the only directory that they can be placed in.

    You can actually place them in 100MNV01-999MNV01, giving the possibility to have up to 899 directories. I personally found this to be very useful as I can store about 8-10 anime episodes on my 1GB stick, so I group episodes in the same series in a directory of their own.

    This allows me to manipulate several files at once without having to open each one individually to find out what the file is (as you cannot name them, only have a randomly generated number ) it just saves me a little time, and time is money and all that!

    If any of you find this in the slightest bit useful, can you please add to my reputation by clicking on the picture of the scales in the bottom left hand corner of my post! Cheers!


    Oh, and on a side note, I was wondering if anyone could shed a little light a purplexing thing that I came across when encoding some of my Anime to MP4.

    Why is it that when I have two Anime episodes from different series, and all of the specifications are EXACTLY the same e.g:

    Same length, same video and audio codec (at the same bit-rate), same filesize right down to the number of bytes, yet when encoded, one comes out larger than the other?

    It is not just the two that I noticed it on, I have run several tests on different Anime series and although the files are technically the same they come out different sizes. But this is not just 3GP encoder randomly padding out an MP4 as all of the episodes of the SAME series turn out to be the same size, even if they are encoded and subbed by different Anime groups!

    This is really bugging me so any help would be welcomed.
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    Cool to know, I gave ya some Rep points.

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