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    PSP mmorpg?

    What do you guys think? Wouldn't it be great to have a PSP mmorpg to play mobile? The possibilities for it would be endless so there's too much to mention, use your imagination! what do you think?

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    that's good !

    I also think you.. i hope.. release psp MMORPG game title...

    ex WOW ?

    it maybe possible ....?

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    Apr 2006
    how about Monster Hunter Freedom now if only they would update it it would make a good MMORPG.
    i think WoW would be good will not happend but then the new Diablo will be out soon ill it be ported to psp i hope so.what do u think

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    Even though I haven't played any of the Diablo games I think it will be good to be able to play it on the PSP. On the other hand, if WoW is ported to the PSP, Nintendo will forfeit from the portable scene!! I mean if WoW comes to PSP and has the ability to play with the players from the PC/Mac version...Then it will be the most AWESOME(!) thing ever happened in the games community... Hope to see WoW to the PSP then!

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    It would be nice to see the online version of Final Fantasy hit the PSP but with out the server fees, some chance LOL.

    Or maybe Guild wars, never get time to play at home so hopefully if I find a hot spot could cram a session in.

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    any mmorpg (ANY) would be great but the problem is making the online access easy to get into the game.. (socom why!!! so many hours spent trying to join a damn level.) anyway quick entry into the game and quick startup .. kinda like wow..


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    I'd only play one if it was free. I dont pay monthley fees to play games

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    i think a psp mmorpg would be the greatest thing ever... but if one comes out don't excpect WOW because Blizzard is not, and will never EVER turn to the console system... they prefer PC's

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    Jul 2006
    You are going to have complications trying to port something from the pc due to the size of your tool bar icons on the screen and the number of controller buttons at your disposal. Personally i wouldnt want to stare at a small psp screen for the length of time that mmorpg's suck you in for in a single sitting.

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    would be good idea but u need a bigger screen for the menus mabe not. it would be fun but i would get into trouble @ work

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