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    May 2006
    An FF MMORPG sounds great. The PSP is powerful enough, they just have to make the connections work.

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    Apr 2006
    I wish they would at least offer infrastrusture mode with more games. Its a hassle to get a certain router/wifi card/or wifi max (which is extremely unreliable) with kai just to play with other people. I mean even the nintendo ds offers this with its own gaming hub. Its a pity that such a great, but very difficult game such as MHF does not have this. Without this soloing all the guild quest are impossible.

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    Aug 2005
    The PSP is a portable system. I don't play it at home. That's why I have 360 and a modded Ps2. There's no way to go online with the PSP in the places where I actually play the PSP. For me, it would be pointless.

    Plus, they would definitely charge a monthly fee and there's no way I would pay it.

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