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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterQ
    and im 99% sure there are adaptors that can convert duo slots into normal memory stick slots. look around...
    Would you like to link me to one then? Any search I do on such adaptors only leads to MSD to MS adaptors, or that one big foogly adaptor for that one cell phone. Otherwise, I haven't seen such an adaptor before, and it would make sense that I haven't seeing as there was really no need to convert a duo stick to a normal stick before the release of the PSP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TW0515TY
    Would you like to link me to one thenů?
    A.R.M. Kit Memory Stick Jacket

    This one may be the "big foogly" one you were referring to, but it does work with the PSP, and it was presented as an option on the old board. Credit goes to whoever posted it (I don't remember who.). It probably won't be too long until a manufacturer markets a Memory Stick Adapter that is styled explicitly for the PSP.

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    Yes that was the one I was refering to, although I was hoping there would be another adaptor that wouldn't require you to carry around half a cell phone with your PSP. But looking at the fact that the ribbon connects to a PCB and stuff, I'm guessing it's going to take more than a simple relinking of the pins to use a regular Memory Stick in the PSP, so as it is, that's really the best/only option.

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    The simlest thing would be either to adapt a CF card to the mem card slot so we can use the CF HDD's. Also Cound it not be possible to somehow interface with the UMD "controller" kind of lke what they are doing with the GC and it's HDD and just ude one og those really little HDD's.

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    Hey I'm fairly new to the psp mod scene and I have a growing interest in cheaper storage space. I've givin it a bit of thought and using the mini usb port on the psp would not function as it does not suppy power and on top of that the psp has to go into usb network mode to even initilize the port. After some more thought and searching you can easily get a usb memory stick reader. Which brings me to my question would it be possible to convert a memory stick to power a usb controller then run a cord to a small usb drive powered by a seperate battery I'm sure many of you have seen this controller handle/battery pack created for the japanese psp (attached below) using one of these to power the usb drive you would have no issues with play time anyway memory sticks are suppied with 3.3volts so that should be ample power for a usb controller and usb sticks run on 5 volts so there has to be a suplimentary power supply no matter how you look at it. Anyway I've finished my idea so any comments on how this might work or if it's pretty much impossible would be welcome.

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    Actually the USB controller on the PSP is a Dual Mode controller. It will work as BOTH a HOST CONTROLLER for USB Devices attached to it or if your in USB MODE, it will act as MASS Storage device when pluged into a PC. Keyboards and other things are comming out for the PSP, it's only a matter of time before somebody figures out how to handle a USB Hard Drive...worst case scenerio is it will only work through homebrew code as an application from the Games menu.

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