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    PSP Media Utility

    I'm currently developing a PSP All-In-One utility for the PSP. Dev is being done in VB.NET and was wondering what features people would be interested in seeing in such a utility.

    Currently, it is planned to support Video conversion, MP3 conversion & resampling, images, and maybe Game and Game Saves support. It will be a que based system with a Windows Explorer feel. I haven't decided if I will either charge or accept donations for this utility but if there is a charge, it will be very reasonable (No more then $10). Atleast two controls I may be using will cost money (Explorer Style controls) and a 3rd (MP3) control will probably cost the most. I may look into doing my own Explorer style controls, but for faster dev, using something that is already made is much quicker...I can post early interface images if wanted.

    I'm currently using lame for the mp3 encoding feature, but since lame is for "learning use", it would probably be better to pay for the MP3 control to get a valid MP3 License...bad thing is, the money involved with such controls is pretty expensive...

    Thanks and I hope to see a lot of input on this.

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    id like to see ATRAC 3 plus support in a convertor

    have fun and good luck

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    i have good knowledge in Visual Basic, and i considered making one of those, but the idea stayed for like a whole 30 seconds. I dont have the time to make the whole thing. as for your idea for buying .OCXs for the layout, its a waste of money. The best layouts are made without those annoying ActiveX controls.

    Definitely put .MP4 conversion from .ati, .mpeg, .wmv, and try to include .rm because i havent seen any of them yet and i have some video in Real format that i wanna convert. also, if you can import compressed .MP4s for further compression, that would be a must have app.

    for music, put in an mp3 encoder and if possible an ATRAC3 and ATRAC3plus encoders becuase that format doubles the amount of music you can put on ur MS without losing quality.

    for pics, put in a jpeg converter, which is easy

    for games and gamesaves, make it able to transfer PBPs (EBOOTs) as well as gamesaves.

    if you need any help with the programming part, PM me and i'll try to help as much as possible. good luck!

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    Well, as for the activex control part, I'm not using activex I'll be using 3rd party .NET controls so they will be much better. It sux because MP3, ATRAC3, and ATRAC3 PLUS will all require licenses to use with the app in all probability. I could probably code it for using lame and then have the user supply the lame dll, that's what most apps do for use with lame...

    I've been coding VB for the past 4+ years at work, so VB is pretty much at the front of my mind right now, that's why I'm using VB. Atleast it's .NET so it's not like I'm doing it in VB6...don't want that kind of punishment...I could do alot of the Explorer style controls using a ListView, but then I have to add all the code for menus and such. Figured it would be much easier and faster to buy some controls instead of trying to reinvent the wheel...Why microsoft doesn't have this functionality built into .NET I have no clue, that's like the #1 request for have Explorer style controls, Sky Software has very nice controls and that's what I'm currently using for intial development just to get things hurried along. I may end up switching them out for my own down the road...

    Attached is a pic of the current interface. It's pretty simple and easy to use...kinda like it but it could possible use some flare...
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails


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