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    PSP locked up.. How do I reset it?

    I got my PSP yesterday and was pleasently surprised that all the games I pre-prepared on my Memory Stick worked first time.

    Last night I played Wipeout and 1/2 way though a game switched it off.. This morning I swithed it on again and the game resumed, but when it got to save my profile it locked up.

    After a few mins, I decided to hit the 'home' button and selected quit game.. Its now sat there at the "Please Wait" prompt. Is this a common occurance?? Is there a way to 'reset' the PSP when it gets into this state?


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    did you try holding the power up for a while that does the trick sometimes for me

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    hold the on switch up for 5 seconds.
    wait 5 seconds

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    Push the power button up and hold untill the unit goes off, Failing that jut remove the battery and then pop it back in

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    Sure, just turn it off (as opposed to just putting it into sleep mode). Just hold the switch for a couple of seconds. That should do the trick.

    If that doesn't work, you'll have to remove the battery.

    Should that not work, try to remove the battery and hook up the charger, then turn the PSP on.

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    Hold the power switch up for 5 secs, it'll shut down the PSP.

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    Hold the OFF/ON, Reset Slider, in the up Position for 3 or 4 seconds,
    if that dont work Pull the Bat out.
    And reading your post, you didn't switch it Off only put it in to Sleep Mode
    The "Please Wait" prompt, Locking up is a common occurance, but i only get it with the New Loaders, Wab etc, While trying New Boot methods, Not While Running Backed up PSP games

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    If it just not shut off when you hold the power switch down you can just take the battery out of it.

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    Hold the power switch up for 5 secs, then wait a sec and turn it back on (should get the sony computer start up animation).

    This will shut down the PSP (if you just flick it up, it goes into SLEEP mode).

    If this does NOT work - turn it off as above then remove the battery wait a few secs (15-20) then replace the battery and power back up.

    IF you still have problems after this, then you might have fried it good n proper! (But this is unlikely!)

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    try holding up the power button for a couple of seconds... your psp will "fully shut down" and it will be restarted (check your manual)

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