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    Post PSP JAP Playable Games List


    i wondered if people could list JAP games that are easily playable in english system, even if there is some jap text, but enough english text to work out whats going on.


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    you can count yu gi oh out of this list you cant even figure out how to start a game never mind play it lol :??

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    Jul 2006
    hmm... i would say Initial D:Street Stage, most of the japanese menus of the game is pretty self-explainatory BUT the card's description are in japanese so you might not understand what each card has to talk about.

    IIRC, this game is only out in japan(or if you import) and not available in english(US/EUR).

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    Jul 2006
    Bomberman? Its dead straight forward, but its no means easy!

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    Jul 2006
    Naruto for PSP is a pretty playable game that I enjoy but at first its hard to understand after playing less than 10 mins u will understand

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    Jul 2006
    You can always read walkthroughs on gamefaqs by the way, I think japanese RPG is miles better than EUR and US's games.

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    I do think it is hard for people who do not know Japanese to play, but some act or puz games ...

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    i reckon... the rpg releases from japan.. are totally awesome... if i paid more attention in jap class like i did staring at da jap gals + teacher i would benefit right now... even staying there for 6 months back in 2000 only helped me in lil speach... japan has the most rpg games... also they get 1st of da new releases....

    the mini games are playable...
    vol 1, 3 n 7...

    table game, tennis, n da mini board games....

    every extend extra is doable...

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