Update #3: The PSP Hook Boot Launcher has been updated again to PSP Hook Boot v0.93 for those who prefer to use extracted PSP image files instead of .iSO images. As always, a complete list of changes is detailed in the ReadMe- many of which include various fixes from previous releases.

Update #2: Today the PSP Hook Boot Launcher has been updated to PSP Hook Boot v0.92 followed shortly by Hook Boot v0.92a and then Hook Boot v0.92b. Changes for all versions are listed in their corresponding ReadMe files, and feel free to give them a try!

Update: MadestMonkee has shared an Untold Legends NOUMD kit with us for use with the PSP Hook Boot Launcher, and for those seeking to learn step-by-step we have posted a brief PSP Tutorial for Untold Legends using the PSP Hook Boot v0.90 also. Cheers!

Today another update of the PSP Hook Boot Launcher has been released. For those who haven't been following, the Hook Boot Launcher is an attempt at an "all-purpose" PSP (extracted) image file loader versus individual EBOOT.PBP loaders for each game. It is VERY important to NOTE that today's PSP Hook Boot v0.91 release is intended only for v1.00 PSP units, however, the previously-released Hook Boot v0.90 works with v1.50 firmware well. For those interested, the initial Hook Boot v0.10 is also available, but most will likely stick with v0.90 until an update for v1.50 units beyond it is available. More to come on the Hook Boot Launcher soon, and be sure to drop by our PSP Forums for our on-going PSP Hook Boot Compatability List.