"It's been teased, unteased, and said to be a "definite possibility". What's the status of the long-rumored God of War PSP game? Thanks to the intrepid picture-taking of 1UP user "SarshelYam" -- and the early copy of God of War 2 that he got his lucky mitts on -- we can safely report that it's a certainty.

Included with the two discs of God of War 2, as one would expect, is a manual. And on the back of that manual? Sweet, sweet confirmation. Oh, and also? If the advertisement is to be believed, it's coming this year.

The small teaser image leaves nary a hint as to who will actually be developing the game, but with the unnamed PSP title from Ready at Dawn remaining unannounced as of yet, we're not counting them out. More news the moment it hits!"