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    PSP Game Reviews thread!

    Hi I thought I would share my own views about new and upcoming psp releases, just so you know what they will be like when you get them! I am in no way a professional, just an enthusiast! Enjoy...

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    That sonds like an excellent idea. I have always wanted an opinion of another person (other than professionals) to see what other regular consumers think about the games before I go out and buy them. I look forward to reading your views and hope that others find them useful as well. Thanks in advance.

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    Gangs of London

    Gangs of London

    This is a new game made by sony london, which pits you against other gangs in London. As the gang of your choice, you will do anything in your path to take over the streets of London.

    When I heard about this game I HAD to get it, one way or another. It just looked so cool, perhaps inspired by GTA, but set in the capital of England. The first thing that striked me was the detail that each gang possessed: a full history, along with stats in each of the areas that will be vital ingame.

    Now I immediately went into story mode, to begin my career, if you like, with the 'Talwar brothers'. I began with the easy tutorial to see what the game was like to control. Now first off, it isn't bad at all. You can control upto 3 people, swapping with the 'o' button, which is pretty cool. You use d-pad, or analog nub to move, and 'x' is shoot. Besides using a gun, you can use your bare fists, equipped with knucle dusters, and you are also given various clubs or batons to use as you will. Certain levels give you certain weapons, you cannot change from a weapon on an infiltrate mission, which I will move onto later. Now, the thing that annoyed me was that there is no camera button, there is no way to look around. This became annoying as I wanted to look around corners, and couldn't. I understand there is only one analog stick, however it could have been implemented somehow I feel. This is a big gripe in my opinion. However characters are responsive, moving as you would like them to.

    The levels are split into various sections, such as infiltrate and assault. The latter is basically a gun fight, where as inflitrate requires skill and patience by stealth. Others include deliver, and hq, which you will see what you have to do in the game. I do not like the fact that you cannot change weapon, you have one and that is it. So when you ar caught by a guard who has an AK, you have a club, or fists to fight him with. Hmmm.

    Driving missions are fun, easy enough to handle cars, each with different attributes, which is nice, but expected none the less. You will notice a lot of cars which resemble real life cars, such as Peugeot and Ford, just like in the Getaway. You will also use the indicators to, well indicate in which direction to go, useful, but rather easy to follow. However I believe that this is not a feature on higher difficulty. The graphics are crisp, not as nice looking as GTA, but pretty solid. The character models are not bad, a little square but nothing major. I think people compare to GTA, and can be a disappointed. THIS IS NOT GTA!!
    The other modes are cool, such as a mode where you must kill ten zombies that have infested London, and others include arresting rioters, and also street races and escaping police, named the getaway, hmm wonder where that came from. The tourist mode is just free roam, but your aim is to take photos of London's monuments, including Buckingham Palace. The Pub is impressive, which is a change from usual mini games, where you can play darts, pool, skittles aswell. There is also game sharing, where the game is meant to be different every time you play with a friend, I am yet to test this, but it sounds brilliant, (Anybody know anything)

    Overall, I believe that Gangs of London is a solid, game which features a lot different modes to keep you occupied. The graphics are pretty good, a couple of flaws, but hey, its a game right! The controls are not too bad, but lack of camera changing and positioning, and the fact that you cannot aim your gun where you want, only in a straight line restricts the freedom of the character. However, I recommend this game, if only untill GTA.VCS is released!

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    Tekken: Dark Resurrection

    It was about the PSP had a decent fighter brought to the system. And I'm afraid that people looking for a decent PSP fighter will have to keep waiting. Because Tekken is basically, well, awesome. In a word. Awesome, Brilliant, fantastic. That's 3, but tou get the idea. It is just the old tekkens, but portable. Perfect, well almost.

    I only managed to get my hands on the Japanese version, but its ok, 85% of the menus etc are in English, so its all good. The first thing I noticed was that you can play as any of the characters without unlocking them, they are ready to use. A nice touch. The next thing I noticed was that the graphics are the best I have seen on a PSP game to date. They are amazing, this is what the PSP can do. The game offers all of the usual modes, along with an interesting customization mode, where by earning cash, you can spend on things for your fighter, which is pretty cool

    When I went into the fight, the graphics took me back, they were great, and the gameplay is just as responsive. Again, it uses a relatively simple control system, but it works so well. Block, run, jump and crouch, aswell as move left and right of course with the d-pad/analog. Then the four buttons on the side acts as the fighting buttons, if you like. Each aims at different parts of the body, using various parts, such as legs and arms, as expected. This game offers a full Tekken experience in your pocket, if it's big enough to fit in the PSP is rather big. (I was told to put that in, don't hold it against me) You have the full Tekken experience here, and I love this game.

    Gameplay: 9.5
    Sound: 9.0
    Lasting appeal: 10
    Overall: 9.5

    Highly Recommended!!

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