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    Sorry bout that Menist, when I first posted my reply it was before your edits, and before your second post was up. So it looked like you were just talking without reading.

    For some reason my post didn't show up until quite a bit. Oh well, sorry about that.

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    No problem guys!!

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    I want to see NES & SNES emulators..thats alll I want

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    Seems like I remember SONY saying that you'll be able to download demos from the net to your psp some time ago... Seems like running games from mem stick is not going to be the hard part...It'll be breaking the encryption on the umd and streaming it out in the first place. But since this is the must have gadget for gamers and hackers alike, I'm sure someone will figure it out. Furthermore, with the usb port, is is possible for someone to write a util to access any type of usb drive to load data, games, etc.
    just my 2 cents...

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