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Thread: PSP Game Decrypter - Play New Games on Old PSP Firmware

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    Another update, this time PSARDumper with support for PSPgo by coyotebean.
    Updated psardumper with support for PSPgo update.

    Some keys are updated.

    There is no keys to decrypt PSPgo kernel prx.

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    2010-06-07 update by coyotebean:
    PSPgo 5.70 & 6.X kernel key added
    Added missing key for vshmain in PSPgo 6.X
    Also below are the source code for PSPident and PRXdecrypter and an updated version that can decrypt the PSPgo files for FW 5.70, 6.10 and 6.20.

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    Another update by hrimfaxi and coyotebean for PSP 6.30 Firmware and PRXDecrypter version 2.6a, which includes the new OFW 6.30 decryption method and keys.

    In 6.30 firmware Sony has add two new types of PRX to protect their executable. But we only spend one day to crack that. Currently there is only psp phat key, but it should be enough though.

    Key detail:
    /* 6.30 phat kernel s_code 0x43 type 3 */
    u8 key_4c9484f0[16] = {
    0x36, 0xB0, 0xDC, 0xFC, 0x59, 0x2A, 0x95, 0x1D,
    0x80, 0x2D, 0x80, 0x3F, 0xCD, 0x30, 0xA0, 0x1B,

    /* 6.30 phat kernel-2, s_code 0x5b type 3 */
    u8 key_457b80f0[16] = {
    0xd4, 0x35, 0x18, 0x02, 0x29, 0x68, 0xfb, 0xa0,
    0x6a, 0xa9, 0xa5, 0xed, 0x78, 0xfd, 0x2e, 0x9d

    /* used by vshmain.prx, s_code 0x5a, type 3 */
    u8 key_380280f0[16] = {
    0x97, 0x09, 0x12, 0xD3, 0xDB, 0x02, 0xBD, 0xD8,
    0xE7, 0x74, 0x51, 0xFE, 0xF0, 0xEA, 0x6C, 0x5C,

    DecryptPRX2 cannot handle these new "type 3" prx, so I imported PSPCipher kprx_decrypt function to make this psardumper to work. After decrypting, a new game key (0xd91680f0) is found in mesg_led_01.prx. It is likely we kicked sony's ass again.

    Credit: tpu dumped the IPL, and I found out what happened to the IPL decryptor.

    Note: this source has been already covered by GPLv3 becuase of the usage of PSPCipher source.
    A minor update to understand files tables of 6.30
    - 100X/200X/300X: new tables for 07g and 09g
    - go: uses the same table key as 100X/200X/300X
    No 6.30 keys are added, files from 6.30 can only be extracted in encrypted form.
    Also I have just updated the source code and compile, the program has not been tested.
    PSP iSO Tool v1.60 by takka.

    A comprehensive ISO / CSO file manipulation tool for PSP. Allows decryption of EBOOT.BIN files, repack ISOs, and/or convert ISOs to CSO format.
    5.00 M33-7 Updater by Chiri_13:

    Many of you will remember who you had the CFW 5.00 M33-6 how annoying it was to activate or deactivate version.txt that would change the options to speed up the memory stick. Well our good friend on her day DAX took a mini patch that solved this little bug, but not brought to light not to be as important and not make too much however it is now necessary to enter the Store with PSNLover of must have seen the light of this Mini Patch.
    PRXDecrypter v2.6b is also below:

    This mod of psardumper can decrypt individual firmware modules from retail firmwares and modules from retail games PRXs, and it can decompress M33 custom firmware modules.

    The keys for the tag 0xD91613F0 has been successfully decrypted. Includes source code. Can decrypt/decompress/extract:

    - firmware modules from official firmwares, for both old-style PSP and PSP Go
    - updater modules from official updaters, including some obfuscated ones
    - official updater DATA.PSP
    - reboot.bin and reboot_02g.bin from all retail firmwares
    - EBOOT.BIN and modules from retail games, and some nonretail/debug EBOOT.BIN files
    - M33 custom firmware modules
    - RLZ files
    - KL3E/KL4E files
    - meimg.img and me_sdimg.img
    - some demos and game sharing DATA.PSP files
    - index.dat
    - 1SEG.PBP
    PSARDumper for 6.35 PSP is also below.

    PSARDumper is used to decrypt and extract all files contained in an EBOOT from official update. Includes source code and keys for almost all 6.x firmwares including official firmware 6.35 by coyotebean.
    Updates here:

    PRXDecrypter 2.7a by Rahim-US, J416, FreePlay, and jas0nuk

    PRXDecrypter, is an application developed by Jas0nuk initially to decrypt firmware modules, games eboots.bin ... I just updated the PRXDecrypter 2.6b, with new keys for 6.xx and added some features like extracting hidden prx for firmwares 6.xx

    Changelog 2.6b --> 2.7a:
    • Now you can decrypt 6.3X and up EBOOT.BIN
    • You can extract hidden modules from any DATA.PSP including 6.xx
    • Decrypt/decompress 6.XX modules.
    • Keys for 6.XX - 6.60 added.
    • Log file can be enabled or disabled on app startup (with LTRIGGER)
    • Small fixes and other changes.

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