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Thread: PSP Game Decrypter - Play New Games on Old PSP Firmware

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    Psychodad Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by adshead View Post
    is there a list of what games work and what don't ?
    See this list:

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    adshead Guest
    thanx psychodad,

    still can't get shin megami tensei persona working or naruto, still getting a blank screen, but it lets me press the home button and exit game, tried both m33 and sony drivers and tried with a umd inserted still no joy

    i've only got GT, FF dissidia, and nfs shift working.

    Quote Originally Posted by tilla View Post
    You must use 5.50GEN-B for best results, and you must export the filelist when extracting the image files for some games (not all), and then re-import the filelist once the patching is completed.
    so is the problem because i'm using 5.50GEN-B2 ??

    or is it UMDGen compressing or deleting dummy's from the file when i save ? because the original ISO for naruto is 735mb when i extract and add the new E.BOOT its still 735mb but when i click save uncompressed ISO it turns out 589mb ?? and loads to a black screen

    and i've tried different settings on UMDGen and also imported the file list with no joy

    i'm downloading an already patched ISO to see if that works and guess what?? its 735mb lol

    mission accomplished finally saved and it came out as 735mb and works

    ok what i did incase anyone has this problem

    in UMDGen i changed the option to "use standard umd padding"

    then opened the ISO and exported the file list

    instead of extracting the ISO is just drag and drop the patched ISO into the SYSDIR folder replacing the original,
    then i imported the file list and clicked yes on the pop up box then clicked save and it finally saved it as 735mb

    earlier when i wasn't extracting the ISO and doing it this way i wasn't exporting/importing the file list and it wouldn't work

    and also when i had extracted the ISO and imported the file list and clicked yes for some strange reason when i saved it it would turn out as a 7gb ISO lol so i started clicking no after importing and it would turn out 589mb and not work,

    so change UMDGen options to "use standard umd padding". don't extract ISO just drag and drop, export the file list, then add the patch then import file list and click yes then click on save jobs a good'n

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    cfwprophet Guest

    Big Grin GameDecrypter v4 just released!

    Yoshihiro has released a new version of his EBOOT patcher for the Sony PSP. The now famous program that allows you to patch the file EBOOT.bin game that, for proper operation, requiring only the firwmare 5.55. In this new release, v4.0, Yoshihiro has introduced compatibility with the 5.00M33 Custom Firmware 5.03GEN.

    What's New?

    - Fixed some compatibility issues with the CF-A and 5.03GEN

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    Padawan Gatsu Guest
    Wow this is simply amazing news.. I had been away form the PSP scene for a few months due to a broken screen but there has been so much development.

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    Thumbs Up

    I have used this method In 2 of my games:

    1; Gran Turismo
    2; Grand Thefet Auto

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    Apr 2005

    Big Grin

    Attached is PRXDecrypter 2.4 which now supports all keys up to 6.20. He missed this key though:
    { 0x2E5E10F0, keysXX, 0xXX },
    u8 keysXXX[16] =
    	0x9D, 0x5C, 0x5B, 0xAF, 0x8C, 0xD8, 0x69, 0x7E,
    	0x51, 0x9F, 0x70, 0x96, 0xE6, 0xD5, 0xC4, 0xE8
    Update: 2.4a now attached below, changelog:
    2.4 --> 2.4a
    - New EBOOT.BIN key added - fixes "tag error 0x2E5E10F0"
    - Can extract the nand_updater/lfatfs_updater from old updaters again

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    turgo Guest

    Question psn game patch

    has any one bought and patched the psn game ftb3? i would like to know how if it is possible. would like to play on cfw as i am on ofw right now. thanks.

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    Attached is PRXDecrypter 2.4b, with the changes as follows:
    2.4a --> 2.4b
    - Decryption error for an old key, tag 0x4C940AF0, fixed.
    - Decryption key added for pops_04g.prx from 6.XX firmwares - tag 0x457B1EF0
    - Slightly more information when encryption is likely to fail (SHA-1 check warning)
    - NOTE: key for tag 0x2E5E10F0 does not appear to be working due to a new encryption method. I'll look into it.
    - New EBOOT.BIN key added for tag 0x2E5E12F0. As above, might not work.

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    Another update to PRXDecrypter is attached below, although it's an unofficial release from homebrew coder hrimfaxi ( it apparently works with Metal Gear Peace Walker (new key tag as UNO, 0xD91613F0) and a few other games (Ikki Tousen Xross Impact and Uno) to decrypt eboot.bin for use with PSP CFW.

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    Here is another PSPCipher update via hrimfaxi (

    It's a completely rewritten prx decryptor based on 6.20 mesg_led_02g.prx. Right now there is only a POC version, but it already can decrypt 0x2e5e10f0, the key tag which pspdecrypt.prx failed to handle with. It also means you can decrypt PBOOT.PBP (game patch) since many patches use 0x2e5e10f0 to encrypt themselves.

    Use unpack-pbp to unpack a PBOOT.BIN.
    Rename DATA.PBP to EBOOT.BIN and move to ms0:/enc/.
    Run PSPCipher, the EBOOT.BIN will be decrypted.
    Replace original ISO with new EBOOT.BIN and PARAM.SFO. If you use Prometheus module then EBOOT.OLD instead.

    Right now, God Eater 1.01 patch and Idol Master SP patch are tested.

    Install LPB Update v2.05 on any CFW:
    1) Extract DATA.PSP from PBOOT.PBP and rename it to EBOOT.BIN;
    2) Copy EBOOT.BIN to "ms0:\ENC\";
    3) Run PSPCipher and decrypt EBOOT.BIN;
    4) Patch decrypted EBOOT.BIN with EDecrypt (one version check);
    5) Replace original EBOOT.BIN from LBP.ISO with decrypted and patched EBOOT.BIN from update file;
    6) Create "UCES01264" in "ms0:\PSP\GAME\";
    7) Copy dlc0003.arc and patch.arc from update to "UCES01264" folder;
    8) Copy generated LBP.ISO (with decrypted and patched EBOOT.BIN) to memstick;
    9) Run the game and enjoy update installation
    10) DON'T DELETE corrupted data after succesful installation!

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