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Thread: PSP Game Decrypter - Play New Games on Old PSP Firmware

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    Drakhen Guest
    OK I am now running 5.50 gen-b

    Since I have changed Firmware
    I have now tried

    GranTurismo - Works and also works on 5.50-A
    Madden 2010 - Now Works
    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 - Can not get to work. UmdGen does not decrypt the eboot

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    IanJ Guest


    The prepatched version of GT works without having to repatch. Looks like the other ISO I have was dodgy.

    Try using different UMD modes. (m33 and $ony seem to be the go) and try going to B2 firmware too.

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    Rac3rX Guest

    Gran Turismo Psp

    Gran Turismo PSP is OUT NOW!

    Its already been decrypted and runs on 5.50 GEN with Game Decrypter.

    If the file you get is a ISO that hasnt been fixed to work on 5.50gen, then you can use the new app for doing just that, you must know it by now.

    Cheers enjoy GT

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    Apr 2005


    I merged your post into our ongoing PSP Game Decrypter thread (we want to keep all related/compatibility posts in one single thread)... but for the record, it has been mentioned already here that Gran Turismo PSP is out and works with it.

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    adshead Guest
    i've got 5.50GEN-B2 and tried to patch both granturismo and FF dissidia with no joy
    tried changing settings in recovery menu, tried with a umd inside, and both sony and m33 drivers still no joy

    i'll try downloading another GT iso the one i have is 1.09gb dunno if thats right??

    looks like i had a dodgy iso file like ianj, both games working fine

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    Psychodad Guest
    V2 of the Game Decrypter is available.

    The steps:

    1. Install 5.55 & 6.00 Games Decrypter like any other homebrew.
    2. Boot into 5.50 GEN’s recovery console by holding R-TRIGGER on boot.
    3. Go to Configuration -> XMB Usb Device -> change to UMD Disc.
    4. Enable USB mode from the XMB; copy UMD9660.ISO to your local; open UMDGen.
    5. In UMDGen open the UMD9660.ISO file.
    6. Navigate to PSP_GAME/SYSDIR; highlight EBOOT.BIN; right-click -> Extract Selected…
    7. Save it somewhere; boot into the recovery console again (See step 1); set the USB mode back to Memory Stick (See step 2).
    8. Enable USB from the XMB again; copy the encrypted EBOOT.BIN to your memory stick root.
    9. Exit out of USB mode and run the Games Decrypter app.
    10. Enable USB mode one more time.
    11. If you closed UMDGen, reopen it and open UMD9660.ISO; browse to PSP_GAME/SYSDIR.
    12. From the newly created DECRYPTOR directory on your memory stick, drag & drop the unencrypted EBOOT.BIN to the right windowpane in UMDGen overwriting the original file.
    13. Save the ISO; copy it to the ISO directory on your memory stick.
    14. You’re done.

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    NoFear76 Guest
    I have try with PSP Custom Firmware 5.50GEN-A Full and GT but no luck.

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    Psychodad Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by NoFear76 View Post
    I have try with PSP Custom Firmware 5.50GEN-A Full and GT but no luck.
    Did you try the EUR or US Version of Gran Turismo? US works fine, EUR doesn´t work, black screen after autosave. If you get a black screen right after you boot GT, you made something wrong.

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    adshead Guest
    sweet version 2 i've been getting a black screen with persona and the new naruto game,

    yea the euro version of GT wouldn't work at all for me, had 2 download the US version and it works great

    yoshihiro is the man!!

    no joy booting shingami tensei persona or naruto shippuuden with the patch from game decryptor v2

    am i doing something wrong with umdgen ?? because i've noticed after i add the patch then save the iso that the patched iso is alteast 100mb smaller than the original ?? but the e.boot.bin from the decrypter folder is the exact same size as the original e.boot so i know game decrypter works because i patched granturismo with it and that works great

    so i'm guessing umdgen deletes dummy files or something?? is there a setting i need to change in umdgen v4.00 ?? its currently set to "use no extra padding" but i think i'll try the "use standard umd padding" setting and see if that works,

    it could be why its not loading or maybe these 2 games use that LBA encyption that somebody mentioned before? is there a list of what games work and what don't ?

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    bossmanmt Guest
    I have gotten Grand Turismo to work beautifully on my first try with Tilla's guide. I am running 5.50 GEN-A (Full) custom firmware. Thanks to whoever Yoshihiro is for coming up with this awesome program!

    I have also got Dirt 2 working as well.

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