Update: The PSP Firmware v3.50 (USA) update is now available for those interested! Needless to say, if you enjoy running PSP iSOs and homebrew don't update your Firmware.

As mentioned in our Past News, today $ony has released PSP Firmware v3.50 (currently only PSP Firmware v3.50 (JAP) is available). This update offers support for the PS3's new Internet-enabled Remote Play feature, and the full changelog is available below:
  • Support has been added to allow remote play over the Internet in "Remote Play."
  • Communication setting was added to the Remote Play menu.
  • "RSS Channel Guide" has been added as a feature under "RSS Channel."

PSP Files: DevHook Custom Firmware For IE-D Update 2 For PSP, Ico Applicator v2 For PSP, PSP Wardrobe v4 For PSP, Crush (USA) 81.2MB PSP RipKit, Crush (USA) 215MB PSP RipKit, Crush (USA) 310MB PSP RipKit, and Smash Court Tennis 3 (EUR) 849MB PSP RipKit.