Update #2: For X-Box 360 fans, Micro$oft have now made available their PC Dev Kit from GDC 2006 dubbed XNA Build along with the shared source for MechCommander 2 recently. To quote: "Micro$oft® XNA™ Build is a tool and set of technologies which will help game studios manage the growing complexities of their game content builds. The first pre-release of XNA Build is now available for download." Thanks to Xak for the news!

Update: Some interesting PS3 news today also... it is now confirmed that $ony is redesigning the PS3 controller, as reported by Engadget.com. Also, according to this IGN.com article PS3 will be region-free as well! Cool news, and props to both Xak and |P-I-M-P| for the news! Finally, those seeking to view some PS3 games in action can check out GameTrailers.com- Thanks to Phil_u_up73 for submitting the news, and feel free to discuss the topic further in THIS Forum thread.

It is now rumored by some individuals on the Internet (for what that is worth) that the new $199 PSP basic pack (consisting of a PSP, battery pack, and AC adapter) contains v2.61 Firmware, and currently will not run any homebrew (including GTA Loader), emulators, nor iSO loaders. In any case, if you don't own a PSP yet, check our PSP FW Identifier Based on Box and Which version are the PSPs sold in stores right now? threads for some additional useful info.

Needless to say, the preferred Firmware version is currently v1.50 (which runs everything) and if you happen to get a v1.51 to v2.00 Firmware PSP (still very common in most places, with minor searching) then you can simply use the PSP Downgrader to bring them back to v1.50. It's important to NOTE that you cannot downgrade PSP Firmware v2.01+ yet, so do not ask. More to come soon!