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    PSP Firmware Update 6.30 is Now Available

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    As reported earlier today, alongside the PlayStation 3 Firmware 3.40 update now comes PSP Firmware Update version 6.30, which also adds PlayStation Plus compatibility among other PlayStation Portable and PSPgo features while blocking recent PSP Hacks.

    Download: PSP Firmware Update v6.30 (US) / PSP Firmware Update v6.30 (EU) / PSPgo Firmware Update v6.30

    Although no official PSP Custom Firmware is yet released for version 6.30, odds are good that an update to the ongoing Prometheus PSP Custom Firmware will surface when newer titles are found to require PSP Firmware v6.30 to run.

    Aside from PSN Plus support, PSP Firmware 6.30 changes include that games can now be grouped and displayed in folders based on format under [Game].

    The groups available are as follows: PSP (PSP games), Minis (PSP/PS3 Minis), PlayStation (PS1 classics), PCEngine and Neo-Geo.

    • Game [By Format] has been added to the options menu for [Group Content].
    • Games can now be grouped and displayed in folders based on format under [Game].
    • To sort games by format, select a game icon, and then press the square button.

    PSP Firmware Update 6.30 is Now Available

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    looks like this is only useful for non-CFW users.

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    Any OFW is only useful for non-CFW users....

    DONT UPDATE!!! If you use the Patapon 2 demo and HBL as it doesn't work anymore.

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    I'm using 5.50 Prometheus and it plays any game i throw at it. Including all the 6.20 games (that i have tried so far) i haven't had OFW since my 1001 was on 1.50. Anyone know any games that will require 6.30?
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    Well as the firmware just came out today I guess you will have to wait for games to need it.


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