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Thread: PSP Firmware 6.0 Beta is Available for Developers

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    Takavach Guest

    PSP Firmware 6.0 Beta is Available for Developers

    The PSP Go release date just around the corner, and it seems Sony is pretty determined to prevent the hacking community from tinkering with their brand new handheld by releasing various firmware updates.

    French site PSPGen is reporting that Sony has already released a brand new Beta version of PSP Firmware 6.0 for official developers to test their games and adapt with the brand new firmware.

    Sony previously included a mandatory install of OFW 5.55 for some titles that prevents Custom Firmware users in playing the game.

    Then, during last week's GamesCom, another firmware 5.70 was spotted inside the PSP Go during a testing event. According to PSPGen, they're still on the process of learning the changes of the OFW 6.0, to quote- roughly translated:

    The Beta firmware 6.00 is now available to official developers to test and adapt games in progress on this new version that will equip our PSP in some time (who said the October 1 release of the PSP Go?).

    Like every major change of version (here the passage 6.x), it is natural to ask "what are the big news that justifies the number change?"

    We will try to learn a little more but it already seems clear that this new firmware will, at least, the protections of firmwares 5.51, 5.55 and 5.70 which were adjusted to plug all known vulnerabilities and, more troublesome, even unpublished vulnerabilities kernel (one used by Miriam 5.02HEN for example).

    It is indeed clear that Sony has made a serious audit of its firmware and having to try to stop hacks from the consoles. The PSP Go is also likely to be an exciting challenge for players of the world underground.

    It will also probably compatible with the new 3.0 of the PS3 but we will notify you as soon as we learn a little more.

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    BlingOnMyWrist Guest
    Hm. Maybe It'll just ad PS Store buttons under all of the sections in the XMB as well. The PSP already seems to have slightly better options than the PS3 anyways. It's got Skype, radio, more music visualizations, etc. I can't exactly think of every option being as I don't own a PSP anymore, but I don't see why we can't have these simple features.

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    victorinox Guest
    ^ idk... ive had my psp since launch day... so I have seen it grow/change a lot in the 5 new .0's =\ but realistically, most of what has changed has been minor...

    Skype, has serious limitations, and lets face it... if I am at my ps3, odds are i can just use my actual phone/computer
    Visualizations, most of them were added in 3.0 if i recall... and i rarly looked at my psp/ps3 while i play music... if more were added to the ps3 I would be disapointed since it would be slaped as a Feature/big thing... kinda like when they added more themes for the slim... *psp 1st has 12, slim has like 36 xD*

    Radio, rarly works... and realistically I cant see a real need for it on either system...

    the psp also has more features you didnt list... like the messenger, which has quite a many flaws =[, and a lot of the features were added in as I atleast see it... something to apease people, while they fought piracy.

    the web browser was added with 2.0 which big thing was to remove the 1.50 homebrew stuff... or 5.0 which added a few patchs, but its big thing i kept seeing was the new themes... etc

    so realisticly, how i see it... if we want more out of the ps3, we have to hack it, so sony feels a need to add in features to lure people to upgrade XD

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