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Thread: PSP Firmware 5.50 Update is Coming Soon

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    PSP Firmware 5.50 Update is Coming Soon

    Here we go, courtesy of PlayStation Network Operations Director Eric Lempel on this Monday afternoon:

    Hi everyone, the next system software update (v5.50) for PSP (PlayStation Portable) will be available soon, and I wanted to provide you all with a preview of some of the key features.

    The firmware update will introduce an Information Board on the PSP system's XMB (XrossMediaBar) interface. Those of you who have a PLAYSTATION 3 (PS3) may be familiar with this feature, which displays news and updates from the world of PlayStation in a scrolling ticker in the upper right-hand corner of your TV screen.

    Now you'll be able to read up-to-date information about upcoming games, new content available on PlayStation Store, and other news right on your PSP whenever you're at a wireless Internet hotspot.

    In addition, we'll be adding a few more enhancements with the 5.50 update:

    - Memory Stick improvements - You'll be able to create and access sub-folders on your Memory Stick PRO Duo for music, videos and photos. Separately, the available space required to download a file from PlayStation Store to your Memory Stick has been reduced significantly.

    - Internet search for games directly from the XMB - You'll be able to easily search the Internet for information about your PSP games. Select the icon for the game, hit the Triangle button, and then select [Internet Search] from the options menu to get search results based on the game title. This feature was added to PS3 with the recent 2.70 update.

    - Trend Micro trial - PSP's Internet browser is a great tool for checking out your favorite Web sites on the go, and we're teaming up with the Internet security experts at Trend Micro to make the Web browsing experience safer and more secure. With the 5.50 update, you'll have the option to access a free trial of two Trend Micro services:

    - Trend Micro Web Security uses Web reputation technology to block PSP owners from accidentally visiting a Web site that may contain malicious content designed to steal personal information and confidential data.

    - Trend Micro Kids' Safety uses URL filtering technology to prevent children from accessing Web sites that feature inappropriate content.

    We look forward to reading your feedback.

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    sharks Guest
    But i think the REAL question is, will or when is Dark Alex releasing an M33 version for the latest 5.50 firmware.

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    robbo171 Guest
    sub folders will be good. lots of stuff on my ms. searching for games is good consistancy with ps3 and is useful when looking for guides/cheats..

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