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    Bakke Guest

    PSP Firmware 4.00 Fully Decrypted; 4.00 GEN CFW coming?

    Thanks to the French guys from PSP-GEN and the team that made 3.93 and 3.95 GEN, they are the first to announce that they have managed to take a look at the new PSP 4.00 firmware's PRX files.

    The areas which has been changed includes: Pops popsman, npdrm, np9660, mlnbridge, sysmem, umdcache, sysconf, and video.

    Check the whole content out pictured below.

    This could mean we'll see a 4.00 GEN before a 4.00 M33 perhaps?

    We shall wait for future updates soon..

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    taumax Guest
    Based on what I've read so far about OE 4.00 there are really no exciting additional features being added.

    However, from what I've read about CFW 4.00-M33, there's going to be an in XMB CFW settings menu, much slicker than having to reboot and hold R2.

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    Jachra Guest
    The CFW 4.00 M33 might be out by the end of this week. It will have a Save State option and that new menu.
    Just a little update. Watching how many people were asking for 4.00m33, it's interesting to make somethings clear.

    Due to the lack of updates from sony (features), this new cfw will implement new changes that will make easier to work on the future ones, within some internal tools.

    You'd have probably noticed some features of this new cfw that were told on french forums, but, to tell the truth, neither the savestates or the recovery on XMB or etc would at 100% probability be implemented at once (maybe later on m33-2, ... etc)

    Even though, recovery will be translated to spanish and you will be able to translate it to any other language without hex editing.

    To sum up, main changes will come for compatibility and internal issues (with some functions to make life easier to the shells creators, launchment of an utility to compress prx's and pbp's, etc.)

    It will be likely be done by the end of this week.
    Source: http://sceners.org/index.php?itemid=141

    There will be no cfw 4.00 GEN.
    Source: http://forums.**********.net/showpos...0&postcount=25

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