Mediumgauge has released an update to PSP Filer, a file management application designed for PSP that allows users to easily edit, copy, delete, and move files on the memory stick and flash memory.

Download: PSP Filer v4.1 [Right-click, Save As]

Changes in Version 4.1:

- added a metronome feature.
- enabled to save CPU clock settings.
- bundled kernel3.00 version (in kernel3 folder) that cannot do following feature:
- connecting to PC via USB.
- flash memory maintenance.
- writing files into flash0 (though flash1 can be modified).
- showing flash device information.
- added a feature to access ZIP archive file. (read-only)
- changed normal-color to directory-color for archive file's directory.
text viewer:
- able to read LATIN1-1252 encoding.
picture viewer:
- fixed a bug that a progress indicator remained on screen when it finished to read a small picture.

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