According to, $ony's PlayStation Portable will launch in the UK and the rest of Europe on September 1st, the handheld console's maker revealed today. Ending months of speculation fuelled by ever-slipping availability dates on a variety of retailers' Web sites, $ony Computer Entertainment Europe ($CEE) finally named the date. To quote:
From September 1st, European consumers will be able to get their hands on a PSP for 179 in the UK or 249 in the Euro zone. That's for the Value Pack, which includes not only the handheld console itself but also a 32MB MemoryStick, carry-case, earphones with remote control, battery pack, power adaptor, wrist-strap, game sample disc.

In a bid to drum up interest - as if it really needed to - $CEE said early adopters can get a free copy of the Spiderman 2 movie in UMD format if they register their console on It didn't say how many copies of the movie would be on offer, or when the giveaway will come to an end.

The new, official release date comes more than five months after $ony originally intended to ship the PSP in Europe. Initially held off to allow the company to increase the number of units made available to US buyers, the European launch was delayed first a month, into April, then to early summer and now late summer/autumn.
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