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    PSP-Devolution Mod is here & more!

    Update: Apparently rumored details of the upcoming PS3 Firmware v2.00 have leaked to the net today... the complete list is available in the PS3 Firmware v2.00 update details leaked?! Forum thread. In related PS3 news tonight, as we recently shared the PS3 HDFury Prototype Video we also have received a few pictures from the Team as follows for those interested: Dell 2407 WFP #1, Dell 2407 WFP #2, SDM P234 #1, and SDM P234 #2.

    <A HREF="" target="_blank"></A> In our Past News we broke the news to the world of the new PSP-Devolution, and following shortly after we shared some PCB Scans as well. Today we are pleased to announce that the PSP-Devolution Mod has arrived, and a sample is shipping shortly to PSPSwampy for an official Team PS3News review!

    Complete product information and specifications can be found at the official Web site, and we'd also like to report that a detailed Installation Tutorial is now available too! Those planning to grab a PSP-Devolution Mod from or similar shops should be aware that both a 3.3V version for TA79-TA81 boards and also a 1.8V version for all TA-82+ boards is available... so be sure to check yours prior to ordering.

    PSP Files: PRX Launcher v0.4 For OE For PSP, PSPDiag v0.2 For PSP, CWCheat v0.1.7 (Official) Rev C For PSP, Resurssiklunssi v0.1 RCO Tool For PSP, Resurssiklunssi v0.1b RCO Tool For PSP, SNES9x TYL++ v0.32 BETA, PSPXTI (TI-92) Calculator v1.1.0 BETA For PSP, Custom Firmware v1.62 Increasing Edition D Update 2 For PSP, SCEP v1.7 For 3.40 OE USB Preview 2 For PSP, Change POP Names v1.0 For PSP, PSX ChangeID For PSP, PSX ChangeID r1 For PSP, WiFi Controller v0.4.3 For PSP, WiFi Power Saver Plug-In v1 For PSP, WiFi Power Saver Plug-In v1.5 For PSP, X-Delta File Creator For PSP, PiMPStreamer v0.91 For PSP, RemoteJoy r2 PSP Video PRX Mod For PSP, DeFlasher Edition v3.0 BETA For OE For PSP, Diner Dash (EUR) 12.2MB PSP RipKit, Driver76 (EUR) 299MB PSP RipKit, Driver76 (EUR) 491MB PSP RipKit, Driver76 (EUR) 576MB [Spanish] PSP RipKit, Driver76 (EUR) 506MB [Spanish] v2 PSP RipKit, and a WinX Club: Join The Club (USA) 336MB PSP RipKit.
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    Dell2407WFP.jpg   Dell2407WFP_2.jpg   SDM_P234.jpg   SDM_P234_2.jpg  

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