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    PSP Devolution Mod-Chip arrives & more!

    Update #2: Petitboot Bootloader (OS Selector) For PS3 is now available! For those interested, it is a graphical bootloader for the PlayStation 3- based on the existing kboot project, plus the twin windowing system for the GUI. 2

    Update: In PS3 news, NoxOm has shared with us a NoxOm OtherOS TILT Exploit For PS3 in the ongoing NoxOm OtherOS TILT Exploit for PS3! Forum thread.

    Earlier this year we broke the news of the PSP Devolution mod-chip in our Past News, and today we received word from the nice folks at that the Final Design is complete and in production- with an expected release date to resellers of April 16, 2007!

    Also available are both a batch Front Pic and a Back Pic, and they stated the following: "Sorry guys for taking longer than expected but there had some important improvements to be done in order to make the PSP-Devolution the top mod for your Playstation Portable system.

    We are now using 4 layer technology for the PSP-Devolution which results in even smaller size of the complete PSP-Devolution. This way it fits just perfect into the PSP."

    In PS3 news today, the GODS @ Paradox have released Enchanted_Arms_USA_PS3-PARADOX for those interested. From the NFO File is the following unrelated note (taken from a recent PDX PSP release: Prince_of_Persia_Rival_Swords_USA_PSP-PARADOX)
    | sPECIAL nOTE: |
    | |
    | Girls, Cash & Cars! |
    | Team ParadoX dropping by again with another gift. Enjoy peoples |
    PSP Files: SCEP CheatMaster v0.7 r3 Plug-In For PSP, Flash0++ v0.4 For OE For PSP, LOLStation POPStation Fix For OE For PSP, Sleep-N-Wake v1.1 For PSP, DOSBox For PSP, Simple MS Speed Test For PSP, VideoPSpy r1 For PSP, VideoPSpy v2 For PSP, and Custom RCO v1.00 r1 DeBug Mod For PSP.
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