Weltall has updated his popular PSP cheat hacking application known as CWCheat. To quote:

With this new version we have an increase of priority of the prx to avoid problems with accessing the cwcheat interface with never games which takes a lot of cpu resources. Various little glitches like the unability to use diff searches in pops mode, the possibility to edit the first code even if it wasn't added to the list, the missing check for button release with the square button in the selection of found adresses and other.

Plus the most important change was the extreme improvement of the search speed, up to 550% for fixed value search and 733% for the diff value search (benchmarks were done on the most time expensive searches like searches for zero as a first search or searches for equal just after the first dump)

Download: PSP CWCheat v0.1.9 Rev H

v0.1.9 Rev H Changelog:

- [ALL] increased priority from 0x64 to 0x32 to resolve the problems with "crash of the titans" which let cwcheat run it's thread only sometimes, making extremely difficult to call the cwcheat menu or other features.
- [POPS] fixed a check in the search for a difference in the cheat searcher to be proper in the pops build. Previously it blocked this function from working.
- [ALL] now the in game menu is cleared before going out from it.
- [ALL] Added a check to avoid entering the cheat mod menu if there are no cheats in the list
- [ALL] Major speed improvement in the fixed value search. A search for zero which took before 55 minutes now it takes just 10 minutes (550% faster)
- [ALL] Major speed improvement in the diff value search. A search for equal just after a first dump took before 1 hour and 50 minutes now it takes just 15 minutes (733% faster)
- [ALL] applyed speed improvement changes also to the text search function but the improvement wasn't tested
- [ALL] Reduced prx size by about 500bytes from improvements in the search functions
- [ALL] Added a check for the user to release the SQUARE button while selecting found adresses, in this way it won't go directly to the disasm screen but let also check the memory editor (without using the cancel button)

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