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Thread: PSP Custom Firmware Enabler v1.0 for ChickHen Released!

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    PSP Custom Firmware Enabler v1.0 for ChickHen Released!

    Recently PSP homebrew developers Xenogears and Becus25 have released a Custom Firmware Enabler.

    This program will enable the functions of M33 CFW using ChickHen, except for Recovery and Pops.

    Since installation is not permanent, the application must be run again after reboot in order to enable M33 functions. It also works with TA-088v3 motherboards, but sadly it doesn't support the PSP 3000 yet.

    Download: PSP Custom Firmware Enabler v1.0 / PSP Custom Firmware Enabler v1.0 [Mirror]

    Release Notes:

    What is it?
    It is a homebrew that enables custom firmware M33 functions, using ChickHen

    What do i need?
    - A PSP Slim (only works with Slim, independent of the motherboard model)
    - Official firmware 5.03
    - ChickHen R2 (at least R2)

    - The functions are the same that are included in 5.00 M33. Everything works except:
    - Recovery menu (It is planned, maybe a homebrew to configure custom firmware)
    - Pops (PSX Games)

    -Copy the folder CFWEnabler to your PSP, in X:PSPGAME
    It must be like this: X:PSPGAMECFWEnablerEBOOT.PBP

    Run chickHEN from photo menu. Then run the homebrew named: "CFW Loader for ChickHEN"
    The first time, you will need to install the custom firmware modules in the flash by pressing the Circle button (It dosent overwrite anything in flash0, just add modules. It is a safe process)
    Press X to boot the custom firmware
    You are now inside a custom firmware! o/

    - Can I load isos? - Yes, you can
    - It dosent matter if my PSP slim has the damned board? - It doesn't matter!
    - It works in PSP3000? - No, it doesn't work yet in this version.
    - Can this brick my PSP? - It writes some files in flash0, but it doesn't overwrite files, so is not dangerous.
    - When I turn off the PSP, I must repeat the process? - Yes, you need to repeat, but you dont have to flash the modules every time
    - Is there another way to avoid this procedure everytime I turn on my PSP? - It can be avoided if a compatible IPL could be created and flashed, but this info will only be available when the preIPL will be available and the protection hacked.
    - In the future, can these problems get fixed? - Might be, not sure
    - Is it compatible with M33 SDK? - Yes, it is

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    Thank you, I can now use my psp

    Thanks again

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