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    PSP Custom Firmware beyond Dark_AleX lives on!

    After reporting in our Past News that PSP hacker Dark_AleX has quit the scene, today we have some nice news to report- PSP Custom Firmware lives on! 2

    To begin, another Spanish developer has been releasing his own Custom Firmware during the time Dark_AleX was releasing OE (Open Edition). Today, developer becus25 has shared with us Custom Firmware 1.62 IE-D Update 4 With DevHook v0.51 Mod For PSP which he calls 'Increasing Edition' as opposed to Open Edition.

    Those who are seeking yet another Custom Firmware alternative to both OE and IE may also want to check out Test30's latest release: Custom Firmware 3.40 LE-A For PSP! For those curious, this Custom Firmware is dubbed LE for 'Lite Edition' and since it's new we have added some of the features below as follows:
    This Custom FW is updated from an OE (first they have to install the FW 3.40 OE)


    * Can flasher rco and font
    * Can Activate and Deactivate the Network Update
    * Can use 2 recovery the Recovery LE and OE


    * First need the FW 3.40 OE-A
    * Later copy the Folder 340leflasher and paste in GAME150
    * Initiates the Installation
    * and Done!! now this one in CFW 3.40 LE-A!!!
    * The folder to Homebrew is GAMELE5
    * To flasher the rco and font the path is: ms0:PSP/SYSTEM/LEFLASHER/HERE
    Only time will tell what the future holds for PSP Custom Firmware... if it remains a necessity to run PSP iSOs and homebrew, the next logical step is likely a 3.51 Custom Firmware which would require the PSP 3.51 REBOOT.BIN Decrypted For PSP along with a decrypted 3.30/3.40 sysmem.prx in the msroot (then press square to decrypt all the 3.51 FW files via PSAR Dumper v0.2B 3.30 FW Mod For PSP) as neither the keys nor algorithms have changed since 3.30. The reason why it has failed up until now is because the PRX format changed, rendering Dark_AleX's extraction routine unable to recognize the new format.

    Finally, a rumor has been circulating that Custom Firmware may not be necessary in coming months at all to run PSP iSOs and homebrew from the latest Firmware versions. Apparently a tiny module named np9660.prx present in both PSP Firmware 3.50 and 3.51 enables an official 'iSO Loader' by $ony (used to load encrypted iSO files off the memory stick). Following this news, a 3D Model Demo Test For PSP 3.10+ is now available for those who wish to give it a try in original (unmodified) PSP Firmware v3.10-3.51. If anyone gives it a shot, feel free to report your results in this thread... and grab CiSOPlus Converter v1.0.9.1 For PSP, CWCheat v0.1.8 (Official) Rev A For PSP, PSP Filer v3.51 For PSP, Mai Hime Senretsu (JAP) FiX For PSP, and LightMP3 v1.1.0 For PSP while you're at it too. Enjoy PSP fans!

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    I tried the demo test with my original 3.40 fw psp, but only the EBOOT loads and the homebrew app does not.. maybe someone else can get it working tho.

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    i'm very curious if this guy will bring the 3.51 CF...

    I realy hope he can

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