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    PSP Custom Firmware 5.03GEN for HEN-B is Now Available

    Today MaGiXieN has released PSP Custom Firmware 5.03GEN for HEN-B, which supports the PSP-3000 and PSP-2000V3 revision consoles.

    Download: PSP Custom Firmware 5.03GEN for HEN-B

    To quote, roughly translated: Finally we arrived at the online Custom Firmware 5.03GEN for HEN-B (PSP-3000) and we're glad you're also likely to want to test it.

    The essential novelty of 5.03GEN-B is the support of the games require a firmware higher than 5.03, including games protected against Custom firmware (Evangelion, Full Metal Alchemist ...). Yoshihiro worked out and managed to adapt this possibility of drawn-5.50GEN Custom Firmware D2 on 5.03GEN.

    However, we have not reached 100% of our goals and some things are not perfect, unfortunately.

    Before talking about what does not, here is a little reminder of what our custom firmware for the PSP-3000.

    Background of core functions:

    - COMPATIBLE with the PSP-3000 and PSP-2000 v3 official firmware 5.03
    - Play backups of games REQUIRE PSP firmware above 5.03, including 6.xx
    - Playing UMD REQUIRE firmware above 5.03, including 6.xx
    - Playing UMD / ISO games protected against the custom firmware.
    - Play PS1 games
    - GEN available VSH MENU (SELECT)
    - Recovery in VSH available
    - Reading Homebrews
    - etc..

    It is time to get down to that angry because we have failed to resolve.

    Known Bugs:

    - We've tried everything and what works in 5.50GEN-D2 has not worked in the 5.03GEN-B. Pity ...
    - The Recovery mode menu is "mixed"
    - The RECOVERY MODE 5.02GEN-A has been patched to run on the PSP-3000. It can change the most usual options but we encounter some problems with this VSH Recovery in and we have not managed to fix it.

    In fact, the menu sees some of his lines not properly allocated and others who do not work. Note that on a PSP-3000, the recovery is useless, or nearly so, since all the useful features found in the VSH menu or in Ultimate VSH menu Total_Noob of Total_Noob we strongly recommend that you install.

    Here are the options of Recovery and their equivalents:

    - Togle USB = OK - USB toglie = OK
    - Configuration = ok - Configuration = ok
    - Skip Sony : marche pas (inutile donc pas grave) - Skip Sony: not work (need not severe)
    - Hide corrupt icons = marche pas et active Skip sony logo - Hide corrupt icons = not work and labor Skip sony logo
    - game folder HB ok - Game folder HB ok
    - autorun EBOOT ok - Autorun EBOOT ok
    - fake region ok - Fake region ok
    - use vsh menu ok - Use vsh menu ok
    - XMB USB Device ok - XMB USB Device ok
    - Charge device with usb ok - Load Device with USB ok
    - Use M33 network update ok - Use M33 network update ok
    - use version TXT ok - Use version TXT ok
    - hide MAC ok - Hide MAC ok
    - Use game categories = ok - Use game categories = ok
    - Reboot in official firmware - non fonctionnel - Reboot in official firmware - not working
    - Run program at = Menu advanced - Run program at = Advanced Menu
    - advanced = CPU SPEED - Advanced CPU SPEED =
    - CPU SPEED = Plugins - CPU SPEED = Plugins
    - Plugins = registry hack - Plugins = registry hack
    - Registry hack = suspend device - Registry hack = device suspends
    - Suspend device = reboot en firmware officiel - Suspend device = reboot in official firmware
    - Reset system = quit - Reset system = quit

    To be ready for the release of our Custom Firmware 5.03GEN-B requires:

    - A PSP-3000 with firmware 5.03 official. Beyond point solutions.
    - Having the ChickHEN R2 installed on your Memory Stick and run information

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Frogman7 Guest

    Is this what I think it is?

    So is this "real" custom firmware like the kind you install permanently to the flash of the psp?

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    slastrina Guest
    I hope this works ok, got some psp's to do..

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    tworok Guest
    Fantastic work Team GENIUS.

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    SNaHHaN Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Frogman7 View Post
    So is this "real" custom firmware like the kind you install permanently to the flash of the psp?
    Sort of. You have to initially flash the GEN-B custom firmware once, so in a sense it is flashed permanently onto your PSP until you uninstall it.

    However, if you reboot your PSP, you'll "lose" the GEN-B status unless you re-activate it. In other words, you must start ChickHEN R2, then GEN-B to be back in custom firmware status after a full reboot.

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    chrykel Guest
    hello, i updated to ofw 6.0 is there anyway i could downgrade a psp 3000?

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    SNaHHaN Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by chrykel View Post
    hello, i updated to ofw 6.0 is there anyway i could downgrade a psp 3000?
    No, it's impossible to downgrade a PSP 3000's firmware at this moment.

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    r3pek Guest
    what about a psp-3000 that is at 5.xx ? i don't know the actual firmware... does pandora work in it?

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