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Today NJ updated his CPS1, CPS2, Neo-Geo CD, and Neo-Geo MVS emulators for PSP. Based on translation, changes have been made to both video and sound emulation.

NJ has also updated the 2.2.x series of his emulators to v2.2.5 which include various bug fixes as well.


CPS2PSP v2.31 for PSP Slim
MVSPSP v2.31 for PSP Slim

CPS1PSP v2.31 for Firmware 3.X
CPS2PSP v2.31 for Firmware 3.X
MVSPSP v2.31 for Firmware 3.X
NCDZPSP v2.31 for Firmware 3.X

CPS1PSP v2.31 for Firmware 1.5
CPS2PSP v2.31 for Firmware 1.5
MVSPSP v2.31 for Firmware 1.5
NCDZPSP v2.31 for Firmware 1.5

CPS1PSP v2.2.5 for PSP Slim
CPS1PSP v2.2.5 for Firmware 1.5
CPS2PSP v2.2.5 for PSP Slim
CPS2PSP v2.2.5 for Firmware 1.5
MVSPSP v2.2.5 for PSP Slim
MVSPSP v2.2.5 for Firmware 1.5
NCDZPSP v2.2.5 for PSP Slim
NCDZPSP v2.2.5 for Firmware 1.5

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