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Thread: PSP ChickHEN Homebrew Enabler R2 is Now Available

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    PSP ChickHEN Homebrew Enabler R2 is Now Available

    Yesterday ChickHEN Homebrew Enabler (R1) was released followed by an unofficial fix courtesy of maibrithahn, and today a second (bug fix) version dubbed R2 is available for download.

    Download: ChickHEN Homebrew Enabler (R2)

    - Now supports homebrew
    - Homebrew Support enhanced
    - Tiff image blocking in HEN (displays unsupported)

    [What it does?]
    ChickHEN works as a homebrew enabler for all PSP models (1000, 2000 and 3000) and allows execution of homebrew games and apps on 5.03 Official firmware. It can allow you to play games such as Bugz!, Jellycar or run apps such as pspfiler and PSPTube. Homebrew enhances the experience of a normal PSP without any faulty side-effects.

    [What it does not do?]
    - Run ISO, CSO or any other form of UMD backup.
    - Run PSX Games
    - Touch The Flash of your beloved PSP
    - Magically allow the use of Custom Firmware (on TA-088v3 or PSP 3000)
    - Load plugins

    [How do I use it?]
    Depending on your PSP Model, you're going to need a specific tiff image. If you have a Phat (1000) PSP, use the tiff image supplied in the "PHAT" folder and copy it to ms0:/PSP/PHOTO. Else copy the tiff image in the "SLIM" folder to ms0:/PSP/PHOTO. After you've copied the image to your PSP, you can copy the h.bin supplied to the root of the memorystick (ms0:/). This should be sufficient for PSP to reboot into ChickHEN.

    [Can it break my PSP?]
    ChickHEN works differently to all previous HEN's. Instead of flashing to flash0, it resides entirely in RAM to prevent any damage to the system. Sure enough, you can run applications in HEN to flash stuff but I strongly recommend against it. ChickHEN comes with no warrenty, no guanantee and you run this software under your own responsibility. Flashing onto your PSP WILL BRICK IT!!

    As stated, HEN comes with no warrenty, and this software should not be used in conjunction with homebrew which can countervent any copyright laws.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Nairb Guest
    right on!!

    still loading some times if you are lucky. I copied and pasted those eggs and rename each of them. I made about 6 more. Seems that it increases the chance it will load.

    Thanks again

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    Here is a video demonstrating GBA/SNES emulators running Tekken/Super Mario on a PSP-3000 console via Davee's ChickHEN:

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    TIMxIRISH Guest
    While I'd like the comfort of a CFW, ChickHEN will definitely do for now.

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    kratosjohn Guest
    Thanks for the update.

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    padreto Guest
    It's working!!!

    My PSP is 3004 and successfully run ChickHEN R2!!!

    This is amazing, 10x

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