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    Angry PSP charger

    okay i have a scenario...

    say if your at your girlfriends house... and you forgot your charger... and you have noway to get back to your house anytime soon ...

    is there another way to charge your psp?

    cuz my psp is dead

    and my gf is harasing me like crazy... :stickpoke

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    Apr 2005
    All though I partially agree with SirCrisp, that can only lead to more problems once u boot up your PSP, even more nagging, but if you look around it's pretty easy to make a usb charger for it.

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    that wasnt much help...

    n i wouldnt smack her...

    i love her to much : )

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    usb charger?

    what do u mean

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    go out an buy an appropriate ac adapter that fits your PSP, or get the universal one Return and get refund when you're done :P

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    Apr 2005
    You may be able to find a similar adapter. The PSP adapter outputs 5 V DC at 2 A. I believe the polarity is tip positive, but I'm not 100% sure on that. There's a symbol next to the power connector that indicates the polarity. Refer to Understanding Polarity Markings to ensure you use the correct polarity.

    Also, you may want to consider getting a USB cable that has the power connector built in, since they work really well as a portable charger.

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