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Thread: PSP Cfw 6.0 M33-2

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    Drakhen Guest

    PSP Cfw 6.0 M33-2

    Is this a firmware for version 6.0 and does it run the latest games, such as Gran Turismo?

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    urbanracer34 Guest
    There is one currently in the works by Team MACK, a new CFW group to the Scene, with 2 high school students as the only people working on it.

    Currently, they are working on it CONTINUOUSLY, but a lot of things are messed up, they can't load games from 3.95 even, let alone 6.00. They have "lots of glitches". Their estimated eta is a "month or 2"

    Video progress can be found at:

    As for the M33 Team doing a 6.00 CFW, I don't know if they're even going to bother, so Team MACK is the best hope atm.

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    Iskatar Guest
    I think they're waiting for the new firmware to come out before they start on a new CFW.

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    adshead Guest
    i've got the latest 5.00 m33 and today when i tried remote play it asked me to do a psp system update, so tried that thru the m33 servers and its the latest cfw, checked dark alex's website and thats down. i can't use remote play and i don't want official firmware.

    well i've upgraded to 5.50 GEN-B2 and all is good everything works as it should and its kept all the popsloader settings from m33, and psn store and remote play all work fine, just gonna check if gran turismo for the psp works, if not gran turismo 2 works fine but it would be good to see the m33 team back on the scene, but no complaints with GEN i'd say they're just as good

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