Shsan has shared PSP ASM Dump v1.0.0.1 with us a few days back, but due to the server issues we have just been able to post the news today. To quote from the ReadMe file:

The program has for goal to generate annotated assembly dump of ELF files. At the moment, the target is mainly the BOOT.BIN from the PSP. This is of course for educational purpose only.

It was first based on a normal cygwin ObjDump.exe compiled with all targets enabled. But i have now written my own disassembler for the R4000. (there might be some bugs ) It also includes a small database of Hash values for some common function names used when developping on the PSP. This database can be increased by feeding the program with your own list of function names. The text file passed in this case should contain only function names, like that:


Only one per line please.