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    PSP 6.35 Firmware HBL Arrives for Minna no Sukkiri Demo Exploit

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    Update: Total_Noob has now released 6.20 TN-A Homebrew Enabler allowing homebrew on 6.20 PSP Firmware via the Patapon 2 demo savedata exploit.

    Just under a month ago Sony released PSP System Software v6.35, and over the weekend some1 via wololo (linked abaove) has released a HBL Homebrew Loader for PSP Firmware 6.35 via the Minna no Sukkiri Demo Exploit by Jeerum.

    Download: Sukkiri HBL for PSP FW 6.35 / Minna no Sukkiri PSP Demo / Jeerum PSP FW 6.35 Exploit

    To quote: some1 had been working with m0skit0 and JJS on porting HBL to this exploit. It is unfortunate that the release has to happen like this, but some1 had to release his files much earlier than expected because of the leak.

    You can download HBL for the sukkiri exploit here. I haven't tested it yet, and we will be working on a "proper" release in the days to come. If everything goes well, we will probably drop support for the previous exploits (the golf ones at least), in favor of this one.

    This release makes HBL work on 6.35, in theory (haven't tested yet)"

    PSP 6.35 Firmware HBL Arrives for Minna no Sukkiri Demo Exploit

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    YEA! Take that $ony! Why fight piracy it'll always win in the end.

    The harder they fight to stop it the more people there are to hack it.

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    sony has owned your butt on ps3.

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    That they did but now pandora is out of the box

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    Quote Originally Posted by zyo View Post
    sony has owned your butt on ps3.
    Not anymore thanks to jailbreak.

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    Tested on 6.31 PSP GO!

    Works, but there are a lot/some homebrew that dosn't work yet on it. Kinda sucks for TN though, wonder if he still flans on releasing by christmas.

    Can only hope there is a ISO/CSO loader to be made soon.


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    I think that TN release is fake. All we've seen is a youtube video which all turn out to be fakes.

    I'm not waiting for it as I doubt its real.

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    You might have to swallow your words soon ... this is todays new from Wololo (who by the way is not the bs kinda person. I don't think he will post nonsense on his site when he is so much involved in the PSP scene)
    I chatted a bit with Total_Noob a few hours ago, who confirmed to me that the first public release of his Hen is ready and has been sent to pspgen yesterday. I assume the staff at pspgen will now be testing the Hen for a little bit, making sure there is no last minute bug, before they make the public release.

    I can see that there’s electricity in the air, just by looking at the spike in visits yesterday, seems I’m not the only one waiting for this release
    Hope I can still download tonight!!
    UPDATE: From pspgen site

    20.06 TN-A (HEN) by Total_Noob - Output for December 24!
    Total_Noob sent us the first final version of 6.20 TN-A (HEN) and we can announce that its implementation will be done online for Christmas.
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    it's nice thanks.. please need an iso loader voor my 2004 8c...

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    Still its all talk. I say its fake till I get the release. pspgen also said they have a 620GEN but never released it. That's the same as a fake so I won't believe anything they say.

    There is no proof of 620GEN and there is still no proof of this TN release. When or IF they get released I will believe it.


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